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Descriptions of Pricing Levels

We do still quote prices on analog hearing aids, but digital hearing aids offer significantly better technology for very little additional cost. Digital hearing aids are priced according to the sophistication and complexity of the technology inside. The bands or channels a hearing aid has are really just a range of tones, like an octave in music. The number of bands or channels a hearing aid offers dictates the complexity and amount of adjustment available.

Any size or style of hearing aid, including open fit, is available at most technology levels.


Basic level hearing aids are straightforward. They amplify like analog aids, but more clearly. They don’t have the special features that help people hear in difficult situations. These hearing aids usually have one or two channels or bands.

COST RANGE: $700 + each


Business level is probably the most popular hearing aid technology level and price point. These hearing aids have between 4 and 8 bands or channels. They have many advanced features, such as directional microphones that focus on sounds aimed directly at the wearer. Plus, these hearing aids have two or more “focus programs” which adjust the way they operate in different situations (sort of like bifocals for your eyes). However, most hearing aids at the business level are not fully automatic, meaning you’ll have to adjust the volume by hand.

COST RANGE: $1200 to $2000 each


Advanced level hearing aids incorporate more innovative features and more effective noise-reducing methods. They have between 8 and 16 bands or channels. They often include directional microphones and focus programs. Plus, these hearing instruments are often programmed to be automatic, and most have remote controls.

COST RANGE: $1800 to $2500 each


Premium level hearing aids are usually fully automatic, yet they can still be operated manually. They have from 12 to 20+ channels or bands. These instruments have the very latest and most powerful features that help people hear in the most difficult situations.

COST RANGE: $2400+ each

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Payment and Insurance Options

Here are a few extra things you may want to know as you plan to purchase hearing aids from The Hearing Place:



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Old fashioned care

A Bundle of Services

We believe that a comprehensive personal hearing exam is the only way to ensure a great outcome for you. In addition, we spend a significant amount of time with you when your hearing aid arrives to do a personal fitting. We are always there when you need any follow up, so you can be sure you will get the most from your hearing aid purchase. Furthermore, we also provide a useful and interesting service called “tracking” in which we use a computer to track how you use your hearing aid over a six month period. This allows us to reprogram your hearing aids to match how they are most frequently used.

Our motto is, “Latest technology, old fashioned care,” and we mean it. You will receive that old fashioned care, yet we remain competitively priced when compared to big box store and internet prices. Our everyday prices on all models and brands run about 40% to 60% off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

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Frequently Asked Questions


What STYLE suits you best?

The style of the hearing aid is what people see when they look at you. Any level of technology can be placed into any style of hearing aid. Some users want very small hearing aids. Others like the “open fit,” which are also small and allow sound to enter and leave the ear naturally, therefore giving them a more natural sound. Usually, the style of hearing aid you choose relates to your personal preference. Style has just a minor effect on the price.


Which BRAND should you choose?

Hearing aid manufacturers have consolidated over the past ten years because research and development in digital technology is so costly. Highly marketed brands typically cost more, and different brands from the same manufacturer are virtually the same. Brand names mainly serve marketing purposes, but each brand has some unique technologies. Plus, they are constantly trying to improve both comfort ability and programming in order to stand out.


What LEVEL of hearing aid do you need?

A little hearing aid has a lot of technology inside. What you want to identify is how much technology you need in order to hear the way you want to hear. The amount of technology you need is tied to the price of that hearing aid, too. The technology levels are defined as basic, business, advanced and premium.

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